Sharepoint 2007 indexing issue

Problem: Access is denied. Check that the Default Content Access Account has access to this content, or add a crawl rule to crawl this content.   (0x80041205) 

Solution: you need to extend your SharePoint web application to run on an additional port, configure NTLM for the site and have crawler to follow NTLM site to build index. 

  1.  Go to SharePoint Central administration -> Application management. 
  2. Choose “Create or extend Web application”. 
  3. Choose “Extend an existing Web application”. 
  4. Choose your “basic” web application from the list. 
  5.  Set other parameters as needed. Suppose we configure it to run at http://server:1234. 
  6. From Zone list, choose a zone other than Default. i.e. Custom. 
  7. After the mapped site is created, go to Application Management -> Authentication Providers. 
  8. Find and click the zone (for the mapped site) we just created. Set “Windows integrated” authentication. 
  9. Go to Operations -> Alternate access mappings. 
  10. Change the alternate access mapping collection to our web application. 
  11. Click Edit Public URLs, and exchange the URL in the list. Make sure that the new URL http://server:1234 is in Default URL while the original URL can be set at any other zone.